Employment opportunities-Kaiserlautern

Employment opportunities-Kaiserlautern

Careloop present to you our most recent hospital cliente who is interested in hiring nurses in Kosovo.

Location: Kaiserlautern

Type of employer: Hospital

Benefits: competitive salary, training opportunities, 26 days of payed holidays per year and flexibility in working hours

 Description: Founded in 1996, this hospital has been providing care to 1300 patients with more than 4000 workers in 4 different locations. They have internacional multidisciplinary teams making it a comfortable working environment.

As minimum requirement, the employer expects candidates to have a 3 year nursing degree, a B1 level of German (with internacional certification), the motivation to live in Germany, and be passionate about what they do.

 Are any of the candidates you are in contact with interested in receiving an offer? If so please let us know as soon as possible as offers like this expire quickly.

The recommended candidates will be prepared for the interview by a Careloop staff member and be presented to the employer soon after.

 You can either answer this email or fill in the following form:


We also take the chance to remind you that candidates without the requirements can join our platform, finish their nursing or german studies and then have access to similar offers.

For more information, contact the Center for Career Development at the University "Fehmi Agani" at the Rectorate.