Human Resources Office

The function of the office for human resources is:
  • Keeps the regjistrator of employees
  • Keeps all the data and documentation of every person at the University, based on Law and other Acts of ther university
  • Issues documents related to the status of personnel 
  • Compiles different statistical reports relating to personnel, for the needs of the University
  • As needed, prepares the contracts for administrative, professional and technical staff of the University.
  • As needed, prepares Contracts on Wprk (Special agreements) as instructed from the Rector and the General Secretary of the University.
  • Performs all duties related to the development and maintenance of the recruitment procedures,
  • Proceeds the retirement procedures and disiplinary issues in coordination with the the chief sector for admission and human resources development.

Nurije Halili
Personnel Manager
Tringa Kozniku
Assistant Rector