Workers at the University of Gjakova "Fehmi Agani" on 11.10.2019 did hold the Electoral Assembly of the Syndicate where initiate structures were elected in which case and as a syndicate did join SBASHK and SUSHK. Attending the meeting were 22 regular employees at UGJFA. Denis Spahija was elected chairman of the Initiating Council, deputy chairman Shefqet Mulliqi and members are Shqipe Husaj, Arben Boshnjaku, Abedin Sadria, Petrit Duraj and Gentiana Muhaxhiri. The works of the Initiating Assembly were made in the presence of the President of SBASHK, Mr. Rrahman Jashari, legal officer of SBASHK, Mr. Blendor Shatri and the President of the Kosovo Universities Syndicate, Mr. Bardh Bardhi. Membership is voluntary.

Newspaper April 2021

Collective Contract 22/01/2021

Collective Contract 18/04/2017