Steering Council

The Steering Council of the University is the main governing authority of the University which has general strategic responsibility for the effective institutional functioning of the University.
The Council is responsible for all decisions regarding financial matters (budget, personnel, infrastructure), in order to provide suitable conditions for the sustainable activity of the University in accordance with its obligations. The Council collectively reports and is accountable to the Ministry of Finance for the proper and effective use of funds allocated by the Ministry or any other public source to the University. The council may set up an ad hoc commission to advise it on specific aspects of its work.

The Council consists of seven (7) members with the right to vote. The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology appoints 3 members with the right to vote 4 others from the academic staff of the University according to the provisions of the Law on Higher Education. They must be persons with high public reputation, with relevant professional, business skills as well as other skills practical. All members of the Council serve as individuals in the Council, not as delegates or representatives of a particular group interest. At the invitation of the Council, other persons without the right to vote may also attend the meeting as needed. The mandate of the members of the Council is for a period of 3 years. A five- to five-member quorum is required to hold Council meetings. Decisions in the Council are taken by a majority of votes (the majority of all members). In case the number of votes is equal, the vote of the chairperson is decisive. The following decisions of the Council require a qualified majority of 2/3 of the votes of the members:
- For the annual financial plan;
- The Council adopts special regulations for the analysis of the annual financial plan.
- Meetings of the Council are convened by the chairperson. In exceptional cases meetings convened by 2/3 of the members of the Council. The agenda for the meetings of the Council is set by the chairperson and vice-chairperson in cooperation with the rector. The Rector provides reasonable technical and infrastructural support to the Council. At the request of the Council, the Secretary-General is responsible for providing information supplementary to the decisions taken by the Council.

- To approve the proposals of academic character and the mission of the University, in consultation with the Senate, as needed with international experts and to supervise its continuous activity;
- To develop a strategic plan, which will be updated every year. In preparing the plan strategic and its annual updates;
- The Council will consult with the Ministry regarding the compliance of its objectives and plans with the State Strategy for Higher Education and the resources that will be available from the Ministry. The scope of such consultations is determined by a sub-legal act issued by the Ministry;
- Monitor the efficient and fruitful use of resources, liquidity and securing University assets on behalf of the public;
- To develop strategies for adequate provision of funds from public and private sources, taking into account the facilitation of the creation of auxiliary companies and institutes for the use of the results of the academic work of the University;
- Discuss and approve the annual plan of the budget prepared by the rector and submit this plan to the relevant state authorities;
- To define the principles on employment, delegation, leveling, promotion, suspension, dismissal and determination of the level of salaries and working conditions for staff;
- To decide on the establishment, termination and change of the internal structure of academic units and organizational units after consulting with the Senate, unless otherwise provided by this Statute.

- Provide preconditions for fair administration and management of resources at the level of The University and its subordinate units;
- To issue regulations for delegation of competencies for other means and issues administrative to the academic units of the University in accordance with the provisions of this Statute;
- To issue regulations for the governance, management and management of the University, as required by this Statute;
- To decide on the general organizational structure of the academic units, according to the proposal of the Senate and after the units in question have been consulted;
- To organize the financial control in accordance with the Law and this Statute;
- To issue regulations, in accordance with this Statute, regarding:
- Measures and disciplinary procedure for academic staff and students;
- Payments and service conditions for staff;
- Procedures of personnel compensation methods, based on complaints regarding their employment;
- Suspension or dismissal of staff;
- Complaints against such suspensions and dismissals.
- To propose to the Ministry the tuition fee fees that students have to pay accept and in some cases, determine the fees for the review of applications for registration, for the repetition of exams and for graduation and these fees will be confirmed by the Ministry;
- To determine the rules for calculating the expenses for university services, which i offered to third parties;
- To elect the vice-rectors according to the proposal of the rector in consultation with MEST.;
- Ensure that the general provisions of this Statute are implemented in practice within the University;
- To act in accordance with the general provisions set out in this Statute;
- Decide on the shape and content of the coat of arms, seal, dry seal, flag and other institutional symbols and to propose to the Ministry the form and content of diplomas according to the proposal of the Senate.

The Council shall publish the annual work report of the University in accordance with the requirements of Ministry and the Kosovo Accreditation Agency.

The members of the Managing Board of the University of Gjakova "Fehmi Agani" are:

Majlinda Haxhikadrija Ramadani
Chairman of SC

Shpëtim Dylazeka
Deputy chairman of SC

Ilir Bytyqi

Prof. Dr. Lulzim Zeneli

Prof. Dr. Behxhet Gaxhiqi

Prof. Asoc. Dr. Shqipe Husaj

Prof. Asoc. Dr. Hajrullah Latifi


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