Finance office

The Finance office of the University of Gjakova, accomplishes all the duties on finance and accounting.

Duties and responsibilities of this office are:

  • It is responsible on reviewing the budget expense documentation.Executes all the payments on behalf of UGJFA, for all budget economic cathegories.
  • Follows the payment of academic and administrative staf asnd ensures that they are in accordance with valid contracts.
  • Follows all the income generated in UGJFA.
  • Reports periodically to Management and Steering Council of UGJFA for all budget economic cathegories.
  • Equalizes the expenses of UGJFA in monthly, quarterly and annual basis with the Ministry of Finance (Treasury Department).
  • In cooperation with the UGJFA Management, performs the budget planning for coming year.

In this office works:



Arbëresha Morina
Certification Officer
Arta Kaqi
Budget officer
Qëndresa Bardhoshi
Salaries and honorarium officer
Rina Rudi Xhiha
Head of the Budget and Finance Division