Counseling for Science

In accordance with artice 49 of Provisioanl Status of University of   Gjakova, Strategic Plan and Regulation Science –Research Activity,  Senate of University of  Gjakova has estabilished Science Council.

Science Council is reponsible for planning annual science activities for analyzing research results of entire academic staff and for preparing the list  of best reserchers for evaluation and awards. 

Scientific research work must become integral part of university daily activity, with the purpose of developing science research capacities, updating syllabus of course subjects and advancing study programs. Scientific research work  is as well daily activity of all academic institutions, furthermore it is common for the institution and its staff to be evaluated for the number of their publications and citations meanwhile, the relationship between scientific research work and curricula, in particular those of the PhD level, is what distinguishes a genuine academic institution from a school that provides advanced knowledge from a certain field. 

For this reason, the scientific research work of the faculties will be a priority for the development of the university in the future, where special importance will be given to increasing the number of publications in national and international scientific journals, training of staff for project design -proposals for research work and for establishing partnerships with other institutions, increasing international institutional cooperation in the field of research. Academic staff has access to a number of prestigious scientific journals.

According to the regulation for scientific research activity, the academic staff of the university is obliged to do scientific research and research work in accordance with their professional skills and obligations arising from the strategic documents of the University of Gjakova "Fehmi Agani". Each member of the academic staff will be evaluated once a year for his contribution to scientific activity. This evaluation will be the basis for academic advancement at the University.

The University is committed for creating the right conditions for scientific research and research activities, to help academic staff achieve competitive results at the national and international levels.

Science Counsil of University of  Gjakova “Fehmi Agani” is composed of :

Prof. Ass. Dr. Elsa Vula - Chair

Prof. Asoc. Dr. Ilmi Hoxha - Member

Prof. Asoc. Dr. Ramush Bejiqi - Member

Prof. Asoc. Dr. Nazli Tyfekçi - Member

Abedin Sadrija - Member


Decision on filling the Council for Science at UGJFA

Form for financing scientific work

Decision on the establishment of Council of Science at UGJFA

Decision on approval of the financing of scientific works - 09.12.2020

Regulations for Research - Scientific activity