Budget, Finance and Infrastructure

1.The tasks and responsibilities of  Directorate of Budget, Finances and Infrastructure are:

1.1. Preparation of budget proposals

1.2. Coordination of budget matters for all organizing structures of the University

1.3. Pursue and report on budget execution

1.4. Ensuring that financial expenses are made in accordance with rules and procedures that derive from law on management of public finances, and responsibilities.

1.5. Ensuring close cooperation with internal and external auditorium for preparation of budget and financial statements of auditorium.

2. Directorate of Budget, Finances and Infrastructure reports to General Secretary and Vise-rector for Budget and Finances.

3. Internal Audit Office Directorate of Budget, Finances and Infrastructure:

3.1. Director of the Directorate  

3.2. Budget and financial office manager (1 officer)

3.3. Officer of budget and financial (1 officer) 

3.4. Payment and salary officer (1 officer)

3.5. Revenue officer (1 officer)

3.6. Admission officer 0(1 officer)

3.7.   Expenditure officer (1 officer)

3.8.   Accountant (1 officer)

3.9.   Commitment and budget officer (1 officer)

3.10. Infrastructure Office manager 

3.11. Infrastructure officer (1 officer)

3.12. Asset officer (storehouse, e-wealth) (1 officer)

3.13. Logistic and admission officer (1 officer)

3.14. Handyman (3 officer’s)

4.The number of employed in Directorate of Budget, Finances and Infrastructure is sixteen (16)