Students Election

1. Announcement for student elections 

2. The decision of the Board of Directors for the student elections

3. Dynamic plan for student elections - 

4. Decision of the SC for the formation of the CEC (Central Election Commission) for student elections

5. Public announcement for students - student elections 2019 

6. Decision on financing the student election campaign

7. Student organizations are obliged to physically submit the list of supporting statements, completed with student support signatures, to the CEC. The lists are also submitted electronically to the address: [email protected] To download click here: List of supporting statements

8. Application for certification

9. Student lists with the right to vote after KQZ verification – Lists of students with the right to vote after verification by the CEC:

• Faculty of Education
• Faculty of Philology
• Faculty of Medicine


10. Complaints for student lists

11. Decision on the formation of the CEC in the faculties

12. Call for expression of interest for monitoring

13. Decision for OS certification

14. Decision over OS standing lists in the ballot

15. Forms for candidacy of candidates for faculty councils

16. Decision to postpone activities

17. How to vote

Today, on the 2nd of the May, 2019 at the University of Gjakova "Fehmi Agani" were held student elections.

The conduct of the elections has been dignified and as it's for the students.

The University of Gjakova congratulates and thanks all the students, the Polling Stations, the observers and the Central Election Commission for their work and contribution to the election process.

18. Preliminary results 

19. Final results