Law Office

Legal office performs all legal duties at the University.

Main tasks are:
  • Compiles regulations, instructions and recommendations for the organs of the University, based on procedurës specified according to the Law.
  • Prepares forms of decisions and contracts that are related to the University staff as well as with other parts University has contractual relations with.
  • Compiles lawsuits, replies to lawsuits, objections, complaints and submissions for the needs of representation and defense of University’s interests.
  • As authorized by the General Secretary, represents the University at Court of Law (all levels), as well as at the institutions of local and central government.
  • Compiles the records, decisions, conclusions and recommendations from the meetings of University organs.
  • Prepares the materials and according to instructions from the higher level, gives legal options and compiles project-agreements, project-decisions and other project-acts.
  • Assists the Disiplinary Commission of the University and compiles proposal-decisions for the imposed measures.
  • Performs other duties that might be asked by the General Secretary of the University.
Hysen Manxhuka
Head of the Legal Office