Office for Academic Issues

This office performs all duties, administrative and professional ones, related to the academic staf for all academic units of the University, including:
  • Systemizes the reports of reviewing commissions for the selection of academic staff in bulletins.
  • Prepares the annual statement of the curriculum and the academic staff of the University.
  • Prepares-compiles contracts for the regular and non-regular academic staff.
  • Keeps statistics for the passing rate of students in examination periods and prepares special report for the Senate.
  • Systemizes, maintains, verifies and updates with respective documentation the files of academic staff.
  • Prepares statements of regular academis staff, every academic year.
Abedin Sadrija
Head of the Academic Affairs Office
+383 (0) 38 200 20 829
Donika Xharra
Diploma official
+383 (0) 38 200 20 845