University Center for Psycho-Social Advising

The University Center for Psychosocial Counseling offers support for raising the psychological and social well-being of "Fehmi Agani" University students in the full realization of their potential and resources for achieving the highest academic and personal goals. The center is also open to all staff members who need support and psychosocial advice during their academic and administrative engagement, to UFAGj students as well as to all members of the community and families in need.

The services of our center are:

  • Individual and group psychological counseling for all those who experience,
  • learning and work problems related to emotional difficulties such as anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress,
  • Experiencing situations of emotional crisis,
  • Low self-esteem,
  • Conflicts and interpersonal problems with others,
  • Difficulty in making decisions,
  •  Psychosocial support for cases and families in need of the community,
  • Psycho-educational training on the topics: anxiety and stress management, emotional self-regulation, self-care, life skills, meditation and single-mindedness training, etc.
  • Carrying out research that will serve to provide appropriate psychosocial services with cultural bases and based on facts.

This center will also collaborate closely with all organizations and actors in the community-based psychosocial field in order to improve the quality and reach of our services to all members of the community.

Leader of the Center

Asst. Emirjeta Kumnova Hoxha

Clinical psychologist