Curricula Development

University of Gjakova “Fehmi Agani” is an institution of higher education, committed to create, promote and transfer knowledge and to serve society; University offers quality increase and competition of higher education through incitement of excellence in teaching, scientific research, artistic composition, innovation and internationalization.

To accomplish its mission, University jas emphasized these strategic objectives:
1. Human capacity building for qualitative teaching and research-scientific activities
2. Offering of qualitative study programs in relevanmt fields for labour market and social development
3. Ofering efficient and qualitative services for students
4. Creation of optimal infrastructural conditions to fulfill quality standards
5.Creation of appropriate environment to excercise research-scientific acitivity
6. Cooperation with national and international institutions of higher education, 
Thus, through the Office for Quality Assurance, UGJFA supports reforms on curricula in University and contributes in capacity building with purpose to achieve Bologna principles and European Higher Education trends. 

Preparation of Self - Evaluation reports
The evaluation process and processes of development for quality improvement part of normal process of quality management. Quality assurance covers all the fields from planning, implementation and evaluation. Also, it covers all the issues of study program, its results and its improvement.  
Quality assurance processes ensure that both required standards are fulfilled and it being done a continuous improvement.
Quality management deals with all standards specified in the accreditation manual of KAA. 

The form of self-evaluation report can be downloaded from the link.