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1. Regulation on disiplinary procedures for academic staff Download
2. Regulation for register on visitors’ book of persons that enter and exit from rectorate building Download
3. Regulation on procedures and measures for processing and security of personal data in Universitity of Gjakova "Fehmi Agani" Download
4. Regulation on the standards of protection and storage of the archive material Download
5. Regulation for official and archive management at the faculties of University of Gjakova. Download
6. Regulation for official and archive management Download
7. Regulation on disiplinary procedures for students Download
8. Category list of documentary material with time of storage of Faculties of UGJFA Download
9. Category list of materials with time storage at the University of Gjakova - Fehmi Agani Download
10. Regulation on bachelor studies in the Faculty of Phylology Download
11. Regulation on bachelor studies in the Faculty of Education Download
12. Code of Ethics Download
13. Regulation on unification of personal income of administartive staff in UGJFA Download
14. Regulation on bachelor studies in the Faculty of Medicine Download
15. Regulation on the work of the Steering Council of University of Gjakova Download
16. Regulation on elections at the University of Gjakova and on the work of Faculty Council Download
17. Regulatin on work of the Senate of Public University of Gjakova Download
18. Regulation on Personal Income of Academic staff, Supplements for functions, honorariums and former comissions in UFAGJ Download
19. Regulation for compensation of Commisions established within University of Gjakova "Fehmi Agani" Download
20. Regulation of Internal Organizing and Systematization of Jobs Download
21. Regulation On Definition Of Master Study Criteria Download
22. Diploma Thessis Defence Protocol Download
23. Regulation on Quality Assurance and Evaluation in University "Fehmi Agani" in Gjakova Download
24. Regulation on Internalization and Mobility Download
25. Regulation on Selection Procedures for Appoitment, Reappointment and Promotion Of Academic Staff In University Of Gjakova "Fehmi Agani" Download
26. Regulation on Scientific - Research Activity Download
27. Regulation of intellectual property at the University of Gjakova "Fehmi Agani" Download
27. Regulation on procedures of General Elections in UGJFA Download
28. Regulation of UGJFA Library Download
29. Regulations for the International Summer University Download
30. Regulation on the establishment of Counselling Commission for statutary issues and Supervision of Implementation of other regulations and other acts issued by the organs of the UGJFA Download
31. Regulation for the Publishing House Download
32. Regulation for Doctoral Studies Download
33. Regulation on the Establishment and Principles of the Advisory Body of the Academic Unit at the UGJFA Download
34. Regulation on Evaluation Procedures for the Engagement of External Collaborators at the UGJFA Download
35. Regulation of Procedure of the Ethics Council of the UGJFA Download
36. Regulation on the work of the Career Development Center at UGJFA Download
37. Regulation on Supervisory Commission for Supervision of the Strategic Plan of the UGJFA Download
38. Regulation on practiacal work student engagement at the Administration of the UGJFA Download
40. Regulation on bachelor studies in the Faculty Of Social Sciences Download
41. Regulation on the Academic Mobility of Students at the UFAGJ Download
42. Regulation on the Ombudsman of the University of Gjakova "Fehmi Agani" Download
43. Regulation on scholarhip award in the University “Fehmi Agani” in Gjakova Download
44. Code of Ethics for Administrative Staff at UGJFA Download
45. Regulation on the principles and working structure of the Didactic Center for Excellence in Teaching at UGJFA Download
46. Regulation on the Work of the Parliament and Student Councils in UGJFA Download
47. Regulation on UGJFA Publications Download
48. Regulation on the use of telephones (landline and mobile) in UGJFA Download
49. Regulation on the functioning of the University Center for Psycho-Social Counseling Download
50. Regulation on the Tutorial System of the University "Fehmi Agani " in Gjakova Download
51. Rregullore për Universitetin Ndërkombëtar Veror Download