M.Sc. Linda Dula Halilabazi

M.Sc. Linda Dula Halilabazi

General Secretary

The Secretary is the highest executive and administrative officer of the University, with special rights and responsibilities set forth in his contract, which is signed by the Rector.

The Secretary is accountable to the Rector for efficient, economical and effective administration at all levels of the University. In this position, the Secretary General is responsible for all matters that are not the competence of the bodies or other leaders.

The Secretary of the University is the head of the University administration. He is the head of the University's Central Administration.

The Secretary of the University has the following duties and responsibilities:

• It is the highest administration official;

• Head of Central Administration;

• He is chief of law faculty officials;

• It is the official responsible for efficient, economical and effective leadership of the University;

• He is the Head of Department Directors within the Central Administration;

• It is responsible for the technical preparation of the budget process;

• It is responsible for other matters required by the Council and the Rector, which are not stipulated in this Statute.