The Senate is the highest academic body of the University, which is responsible for general strategic issues related to research, scholarship, teaching, the criteria for admission of students, for the selection and promotion of academic staff, the content of the curriculum, quality assurance and evaluation etc., in accordance with its duties and obligations.

Members of the Senate of Gjakova's University "Fehmi Agani" are:

Prof. Ass. Dr. Artan Nimani, Rektor

Prof. Asoc. Dr. Haxhi Kamberi

Prof. Ass. Dr. Laura Naka

Prof. Asoc. Dr. Kimete Canaj

Prof. Ass. Dr. Sazan Kryeziu

Prof. Dr. Ilir Kelmendi

Prof. Asoc. Dr. Kamber Kamberi

Prof. Asoc. Dr. Idriz Berisha

Prof. Asoc. Dr. Fridrik Dulaj

Prof. Asoc. Dr. Ramush Bejiqi

Prof. Ass. Dr. Zeqir Hashani

Hysen Manxhuka

M.Sc. Linda Dula - Halilabazi, Sekretar Ex-officio

Herolinda Kolmekshaj- Student

Endrit Zeneli - Speaker of the Student Parliament