Academic Affairs

The tasks and responsibilities of The Department of Academic Development and Student Affairs are:

  • Ensuring that proposal-office  working plan and its realization  supervision  is made on time

  • Coordinating  the work that supports academic units on the international  accreditation

process and the accreditationof student program, including guidance for preparing the necessary documentation, like: evaluationreport, the plan of implementing recommendations, recommendations report, etc.;

  • Coordinating  the process of promotion and implementation  of recommendations

arising from the BolognaProcess under the supervision of University management, respectivelyunder the supervision of Vise-rector for Education and Scientific Research;

  • Leading the network of coordinators  for the academic development  of the faculties

  • The Department of Academic Development  and Student Affairs director reports to General Secretary and responsible vise-rector


The tasks of Student affairs office are:

  • Organizing the work related to student affairs with the administration offices of faculties

  • Preparing the student's call for application-registration for review and approval by University Senate

  • Students registration

  • Ensuring that faculties have designed-maintained  necessary statistics about students

  • The manager of The Student Affairs Office reports to Department Director.