Quality assurance

Behalf the University, it is established the “Office for Quality Assurance”, that functions based on the Organogram of UGJFA, Statute, Regulation on internal organizing and systematization of jobs and Regulation foe quality assurance and evaluation in UGJFA and its duty is internal quality assurance in order to approximate to ENQA-s standards for quality assurance and evaluation. 

Office for Quality Assurance, is an independent structure, under the umbrella of Central Commission of Quality Assurance and Evaluation in University. Main principle of the work of this office is inclusion of all parts of interest inside and outside the Institution in this sphere. 

The process of quality assurance has its objective to:

• Ensure quality institutional levelinstitutional qualitative level;

• Ensure qualitative level in study programs;

• Ensure qualitative level in teaching-learning;

• Ensure qualitative level in research;

• Ensure quality of literature, library and sources of information;

• Ensure quality in infrastructure and equipment;

• Continuous improvement of quality

• Ensure functionality of procedures and mechanisms of quality


Accreditation is a formal and transparent procedure of quiality control, during with an independent organ proves based on defined standards, internationally known, if institutions of higher education repsectively study programs do fulfill the min imal requirements of quality. 

University of Gjakova is a Public Institution of Higher Education established by competent institutions of the Republic of Kosova, with all the rights guaranteed with the Law on Higher Education to offer academic bachelor, master and doctoral studies. Decision on establishment was issued by the Government of Kosova.

Until now, UGJFA has undergone two processes of institutional cacreditation:

• Second institutional accreditation: October 1st 2014 – September 30th  2017 – (3 years)

• Third institutional accreditation: October 1st 2017 – September 30th 2020 – (3 years)

Until now, UGJFA has passed in these processes of program acreditation: 

• Albanian Language / BA (180 ECTS) 

• Albanian Literature / BA (180 ECTS) 

• Preschool Education/BA (240 ECTS) 

• Primary Education/BA (240 ECTS) 

• Nursing/BA (180 ECTS) 

• Midwifery/BA (180 ECTS)

• English Language and Literature/BL(240 ECTS) 


Until now, UGJFA has passed in these processes of program re-accreditation:

• Preschool Education/BA (240 ECTS) 

• Primary Education/BA  (240 ECTS) 

• Nursing/BA (180 ECTS)

• Midwifery/BA (180 ECTS)