The development of scientific activity along with the development of higher education is the foundation of the development of the competitive capabilities of a society, which encourages economic progress and builds a bridge between science and application by encouraging mutual development. Higher education in Kosovo is organized through Universities that deal with teaching and scientific research which aim at advancing knowledge, critical thinking and education in Kosovo as well as the cultural, social and economic development of Kosovo. In addition to teaching activities, the basic task of the University is the development of scientific research activity and being in the European Higher Education Area and the European Scientific Research Area, necessarily implies the involvement of UFAGJ in these activities.

The Statute of the University of Gjakova "Fehmi Agani" defines its scientific activity which is based on the Law on Science of the Republic of Kosovo, the University Strategy and the Regulation on Scientific Activity. In the framework of scientific activity, the University Senate:

  • Monitors the development of science and harmonizes study programs with scientific achievements;
  • Encourages the development of talented students for scientific research;
  • Realizes and encourages scientific cooperation in the country and abroad;
  • Takes care of the provision of equipment and scientific-information documentation;
  • Makes decisions for the organization of scientific gatherings;
  • Undertakes measures and other activities for the systematic improvement of scientific research;
  • Performs other tasks related to the realization of the scientific activity of the University.

The University is committed to creating the right conditions for research and research activities and to helping academic staff achieve competitive results nationally and internationally. The research work of the faculties is a priority for the development of the university in the future, where special importance is given to the increase of the number of publications in national and international scientific journals, the training of the staff for drafting project proposals for research work and for linking partnership with other institutions, increasing international institutional cooperation in the field of research, etc.

Research is based on the University Strategic Plan 2021 - 2025 as well as the Regulation on Scientific Research. The Strategic Plan envisages the following activities:

  • Strengthening skills for scientific research;
  • Linking teaching with scientific research;
  • Strengthen university journals and conferences;
  • Supporting academic staff with grants for participation in conferences;
  • Supporting academic staff for publications in influential journals;
  • Practical development of teaching in laboratories

Whereas, according to the Regulation for scientific research approved by the University Senate, it is foreseen the development of basic, advanced and applied research activities in the fields of sciences that UFAGJ organizes studies, in order to identify their needs for specific staff profiles, organization of scientific conferences local, regional and international, development of scientific research and cooperation with other research institutions in the country and abroad.

Special attention is paid to the research component, especially by the University management. The research is foreseen in the top priorities of the Institution. For this purpose, the University of Gjakova "FEHMI AGANI" has drafted a concrete research plan that meets the requirements of engagement and contribution of academic staff and students, being a very important part of a number of international projects. The plan is designed in such a way that all members of the teaching staff have the opportunity to contribute to the discussion and research planning in the institution. Also, the institution has drafted policies and incentive measures aimed at increasing competition, international visibility and advancing scientific research.

According to the Development Strategy of the University of Gjakova "Fehmi Agani", the strategic objectives of scientific research are related through (1) study and lifelong education; (2) quality assurance system; (3) scientific research work; (4) inter-institutional cooperation and scientific mobility; (5) human capacity - financial and material resources; and (6) recruiting new academic and research staff.

The activity of the University of Gjakova "Fehmi Agani" includes teaching, research and professional work, so the goals of the Strategic Research Program are harmonized with the declared activities. The strategic objectives within the UFAGJ scientific research activity is the continuous development of scientific research in the field of social sciences, philology, medicine and interdisciplinary sciences, to ensure continuity and long-term perspectives of the University of Gjakova in the local and international environment.

Clear and concrete results have been set for the fulfillment of the strategic objective defined in this Strategic Plan 2021 - 2025 for the field of scientific research. During this period, the following expected results are expected to be achieved:

Result 1:          There are sufficient professional and financial resources for research activities

Result 2:          The number of publications in international scientific journals increases and there is a university scientific journal

Result 3:          High participation of academic staff in international scientific conferences and frequent organization of international scientific conferences by the university

Result 4:          Increased number of scientific and applied research by the academic staff of the university.

Whereas, the following goals contribute to the achievement of these strategic objectives:

  • Development of international cooperation and networking in the field of scientific research
  • Encourage the expansion and increase of scientific research projects and involvement in international scientific projects
  • Advancing the quality of scientific research
  • Increase the quality of existing scientific publications and work for their greater international indexation / recognition.
  • Opening of doctoral studies
  • Creation of new teaching-scientific organizational units with specific character, for the purpose of research and interdisciplinary cooperation with other local and international scientific institutions.


"Open Eyes" - Research strategy 2021-2025