Labour market

The University of Gjakova "Fehmi Agani" offers assistance in providing quality studies, before leaving the professional graduation of preparation, offering assistance in applying for admission of students in the labor market.

Many students at UGJFA - if they have managed to participate in training, workers, professional practitioners, thanks to their rights from the Center for Career Development and Alumni at UGJFA.

At a time when in our country we have a high unemployment rate and a weak labor market, the priority of the Center for Career Development and Alumni will inevitably work in diplomacy and current students, who are available for work.

UGJFA is the institution that has the network of partnership and treatment, at a national level, as well as at an international level, this thanks to the attractive program and to be oriented in the labor market research, as well as academic and quality work.

The job search for change and is becoming more and more competitive, if not only the schooling criterion is enough, but while it will be spread even more will be required for soft skills, if a communication will be made and knowledge of foreign languages, knowledge and computer skills, as well as various certifications and trainings. Therefore, the role of the Center for Career Development and Alumni is irreplaceable in the service provided through their counseling, guidance, information, training and employment.

From the questionnaires made online for alumni students are extracted some statistics as well as their demographic data, postgraduate studies, work, how the alumni are familiar with the application of soft skills, how much alumni know the labor market, evaluation of study programs of  UGJFA and what will change the UGJFA curricula.

In the following links are the data extracted from the online questionnaires developed with the graduate students:


Graduate Student Assessment Report - February 2020

Graduate Student Assessment Report - December 2020