Opportunity for scholarship at University of Montreal

Opportunity for scholarship at University of Montreal

The University of Montreal (UdeM) is one of seven higher education institutions headquartered in Montreal. It is one of the five major universities in Canada (the second in terms of the number of students) and at the same time the most important in the whole French-speaking world for the number of students as well as for research. It is ranked among the best universities in the world and enjoys a great reputation as one of the best post-secondary institutions in the French-speaking world. It is recognized among the best institutions of higher education in the French-speaking world, ranking 90th best university in the world according to the Times Higher Education.

Through the regional directorate of Canadian foreign scholarships, the state secretariat for study and research at the University of Montreal in partnership with Scotia Bank is launching a call for applications for Canadian scholarships for the academic year 2021-2022. These scholarships are intended for nationals of category A countries (industrialized European and extra-European countries) and those of category B countries (developing countries, third world and extra-European) they must allow them to pursue their studies, perfect their knowledge for research work in fields to which the University of Montreal pays particular attention.



- The University of Montreal intends to facilitate immigration to people wishing to continue their studies and obtain Canadian diplomas.

- The candidates selected at the end of the selection of candidates will be included in addition to their study in sensitive sectors of the economic and social life of Canada: (health, law, diplomacy, communication, finance, energy, industry, transport, agriculture ... ).

This option of the University of Montreal aims at giving a professional aptitude to the scholarship holders to be able to work if they wish it in Canada at the end of their training.



The scholarships cover the period of a training cycle or a maximum of six (06) semesters or more.



Round-trip plane tickets (Provenance - Canada / Quebec) are paid for by the regional directorate of Canadian foreign exchanges.

Prerequisites for application in general, applicants for Canadian foreign scholarships must:

- Age requirement 18 to 55 years old;

- Understand and speak correctly one of the languages ​​of instruction in Canada (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian);

- Have a diploma equivalent to the first cycle teaching certificate, the baccalaureate or the professional aptitude certificate from the countries of the European Union.



- Please make your scholarship request by requesting the registration form to be completed with a motivation letter to be sent to the email address of our secretariat: [email protected]

WhatsApp virtual line for any additional information: +1 (514) 612-7719


Good luck!