Alumni and The career development office

In addition to providing quality studies, from which emerge professionally prepared graduates, the University of Gjakova "Fehmi Agani" offers contribution and assistance for the application and admission of students in the labor market.

Many of the UGJFA students have managed to become part of trainings, workshops, professional internships, thanks to the services provided by the Center for Career Development and Alumni at the UGJFA University.

At this time when in our country we have a high unemployment rate and a weak labor market, the priority of the Center for Career Development and Alumni remains the employment of current graduates and students, who are already ready for work.

UGJFA is an institution that has a network of partnerships and collaborations, both nationally and internationally, thanks to attractive programs and oriented to the demands of the labor market, as well as academic and quality work.

Labor market demand is changing and becoming more and more competitive. The criterion of education is no longer enough, but in the meantime the requirements for soft skills, including those in communication and presentation, then knowledge of foreign languages, knowledge and skills of working with computers, as well as certifications and training of different.

Therefore, the role of the Center for Career Development and Alumni is irreplaceable in the services provided through their counseling, guidance, information, training and employment.


Decision on the establishment of the Center for Career Development and Alumni at UGJFA